• This sports club is being developed by L Kube sports &
  • All Payments have to be made through RTGS/ Online Transfer?Cheque/D.D in favour of L Kube Sports & Projects Payment at
  • Amount Once paid will not be Refunded but can be transferred to third party only
  • All the transactions with respect to L Kube Sports & Projects is Subject to Jurisdication of court in Hyderabad
  • You are requested to Provide 3 passport size photos, Aadhar Card and Date of Birth certifacate

enabling us to issuse ID Card and for office record.

Disclaimer- To be given by parent if the member is below 18 years of Age or Given by the member him/her self if above 18 years of age.

  • I the undersigned do here by acknowledge and agree and assign as
  • I understand that participating in training voluntarily, participating and consented to my own risk and peril involeded during training of the sport or
  • I affirm that i am in good physical health and have read the difficulty in training and i am confi- dent of my ability to take part in the said
  • Rules and regulations have been adopted for the fulfiillment of the member and agree to adhere

to those regulations and all other rules mentioned.

  • Participation in the Adventure activity including traveling in vehicles, trekking, hiking, climbing, camping and all other activities conducted can result in injury or accidents. Exposure to the natural elements like Altitude sickness, cold wind, rain, difficult terrain, fatigue, exhaustion, sun- brun, dehydration, heat exhaustion and heat stroke can be uncomfortable or harmful or cause
  • I hereby given permission to L Kube Sports & Projects and its staff/Organisers to Secure Treatment for me in the event of on emergency. I authorize the physician or medical pratitioner.
  • Misconduct of any kind is considered serious and will not be tolerated by L Kube Sports and Projects
  • There will be no drinking of any alcoholic beverage in the premises of club or while participating in any sporting

I confirm that I am 18 yrs of age or older and under no legal constraint or impediments and I acknowledge and by signing this agreement, i or the minor/ward on whose behalf, I sign for will be bound to its terms. My signature below indicates that I have had sufficient opportunity to read this entire document, that I have read unenforceable in any jurisdication that shall not affect the validity or enforce ability of any other provision of this agreement.

I Agree the terms and condition and i will abide by them.